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If you select this payment method, you will purchase your tickets with a credit card
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Once the transaction is carried out successfully (depending on Paypal registration procedure, it could take a few hours), you will receive a voucher via email with your order review.
Please print the voucher and submit it to the ticket office in order to obtain your tickets.

In case you don’t receive your voucher within the selected day of your visit,
please contact us at +39 0575 352727 / +39 0575 299071 or via email
specifying your order number – the one that you received by email together with the Order Confirmation
If you select this ordering method, you will reserve your tickets for the selected date and time.
Once the order is completed, you will be able to print a voucher with the review of your reservation.
Submit this voucher to the ticket office and you will be able to buy the riserve tickets.